As I'm part of the Wabi-Sabi Academy team, I produce online courses. Of course, because my work is all IT related, the courses I will be writing will be IT courses. I'm currently in the process of writing and producing a course which is designed to allow almost anyone to be able to repair, speed up, and upgrade their own computers. This course is entirely written by me, and mostly produced by myself too, although I'm getting help from other members of the Wabi team,

For the other courses that we're publishing as part of the Wabi-Sabi Academy, I'm working behind the camera, on the production side of things. I can do all things camera, sound, and editing, so for the non-IT courses, I'm best placed there.

Repair Your Own Computer

Coming Soon...

Are you tired of having to take your computer to a high street repair shop whenever you have a problem, and pay their high prices? Do you want your computer back to woring order faster than their multiple day or week turnaround time? Are you worried that if you try anything yourself you might make things worse?

I've written a course that should be perfect for you. I've spent many hours researching to find the most common problems you'll have with your computer, both hardware and software problems. I've also found some less common problems which I'll cover too. You need not worry about any knowledge you may or may not have as, I've designed this course to be as simple as possible, and anything that you might not know, will be covered.