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What Do People Think of My Work?

Steve Percival

Dan provided excellent support, advice and installation services to ensure our office and home were benefitting from the best IT equipment and connectivity available. Highly recommended!

Jonathan Ward Ushaw College

Dan has been supporting us at Ushaw for some time now and we're absolutely delighted with the service he's provided. He's been a valuable asset and I would highly recommend him!

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What Can I Do For You?

High quality and affordable IT services should be accessible to everybody, regardless of their present knowledge and budget. My aim is to provide you with options. One option is to teach you to fulfil your own IT service needs through online and in-person courses and workshops. The other is by providing a variety of my own high quality, and affordable services. If your home or business network needs a bit of TLC, I can provide network services. If you’re having trouble with your existing PC, I can upgrade and repair it for you. Just want a new one, I’ve got you covered there too. If you want to get in touch, either use the messenger icon that’s always showing here, or sent me an email using the contact form here.

Portrait mode photo of Dan with no background

After acquiring a first degree in Computer Science, Dan decided to share the knowledge he's gained while working with technology, to enable others save money by taking their IT jobs into their own hands.

Dan wants to show that, in the world of IT, things aren't a complicated as they may seem. As in actual fact, most things are only a few clicks away.

I've Got My Own Projects Too

As well a providing IT services for other people, I do a lot of projects for myself. Some of those things you might find interesting, as I often work on some pretty interesting pieces of tech. I’ll be writing about them over on my blog. These blog posts are sometimes reviews on something I’ve been working with recently. They could also be me talking about a machine I’ve upgraded, or just something I think might be interesting to read about. Of course, given the nature of what I’m talking about, things can get quite technical. So prepare yourself.

Mac Pro top-right front close up, with a blurred background.